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The Book Tree
A Christian Reference to Children’s Literature

by Elizabeth McCallum, Jane Scott

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  • Format: paperback, 275 pages
  • ISBN: 9781591280507 (1591280508)
  • Publisher: Canon Press
  • Genres: reference, education, christian, childrens
  • Release date: July 1, 2008
  • Language: english
  • Author: Elizabeth McCallum, Jane Scott

About The Book

THE BOOK TREE: A CHRISTIAN REFERENCE FOR CHILDREN’S LITERATURE Once upon a time, a carpenter entered a forest and happened upon a wolf wearing a feathered cap. Quick — whose side are you one? If you don’t know, we suggest reading a hearty round of fairytales. Stories provide a roadmap for life. This is because stories ARE life. But oftentimes it’s easiest to understand where we are when we can look through other eyes — from the perspective of someone else, living somewhere else, somewhen else. Literary habits naturally give way to literary affections. For those beginning to read for the first time or those beginning to read again, “The Book Tree” will drop golden apples in your lap, until you can climb high enough to pick for yourself.

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