Bromeliads for Home and Garden by Jack Kramer — ePUB download – 9780813035444

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Bromeliads for Home and Garden
by Jack Kramer

Bromeliads for Home and Garden – Click Here

  • Author: Jack Kramer
  • Release date: April 24, 2011
  • Format: paperback, 176 pages
  • ISBN: 9780813035444 (0813035449)
  • Language: english
  • Publisher: University Press of Florida

About The Book

Diverse, elegant, colorful, and easy to cultivate

“This book presents the basic information necessary to help beginner and intermediate Bromeliad growers produce a wide array of excellent flowering plants in an easy-to-read style.” — Thomas J. Sheehan, author of Orchids to Know and Grow

“An excellent introduction, as well as a complete reference, to a fascinating group of colorful plants that should appeal to all gardeners.” — Paul Martin Brown, editor of the North American Native Orchid Journal

There are more than 3,000 recognized species of Bromeliads including the pineapple and Spanish moss. Bromeliads offer an array of colorful plants that are easy to care for and available in the marketplace. Further, Bromeliads make handsome companion plants to orchids as the two often grow side by side in the wild.

Bromeliads for Home and Garden provides a comprehensive overview on Bromeliad cultivation. Brilliantly illustrated with over 100 color images, this straightforward, easy-to-use guide focuses on the most popular species. Author Jack Kramer has personally grown each one of the 200 plants featured in the work, in climates as diverse as those found in Illinois, California, and Florida. He writes with clear, practical information that gardeners of any skill level can use.

The incredible variety and colorful elegance of Bromeliads offer the possibility of year-round brilliance, and many varieties thrive both indoors and out. Pick up a copy of Bromeliads for Home and Garden today to enhance your home and landscape with these exceptional plants.

Jack Kramer is the author of numerous gardening books including 100 Orchids for Florida and Complete Houseplants. He has appeared on national TV and has given lectures across the country on a wide range of horticultural subjects. He lives in Naples, Florida.

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